Ceviche Bar


Ceviche is a Peruvian flagship dish; featuring fish or seafood
"cooked" in lemon juice, with feather cut red onions, Peruvian Chilies               & sea salt. Served with traditional accompaniments of canchita corn, 
sweet potatoes, plantain & yuca chips.  
Our Ceviche Bar is a great addition to any party.

Q’ero prepares authentic Peruvian style ceviche.

Ceviche Platters complete with all the trimmings.


Ceviche, Seviche, Cebiche


Small feeds 10-12 / Large feeds 20-25

Choose your style, chili & accompaniment


Don Cucho ~ Fish, feather cut red onions, cilantro. 45 / 85


Pulpo ~ Grilled Octopus, cucumber, arugula, choclo. 45/ 85


Nikkei ~ Yellowtail in a ginger-soy marinade with avocado. 50 / 95


Mixto ~ Shrimp, Grilled Calamari, fish, Peruvian choclo corn. 55 / 105


Exotico ~ Fish, cucumber & onion with Persimmon puree. 50 / 95


Camarones ~ Shrimp, cucumber, carrots, choclo, red bell pepper. 50  / 95


El Ají 

Choose your chili


Ají Amarillo ~ Mildly spicy chili with fruity notes.


Rocoto ~ The Queen of Peruvian chilies, its flavorful spice will leave a lasting impression.


Ají Limo ~ The most common chili used in ceviche preparations in Peru. Spicy & full of flavor.



La Fritura

crispy & salty


Antonjitos ~ Assorted yuca & green plantain chips.


Patacones ~ Smashed green plantain fritters.


Yuca Frita ~ Fried yuca spears. Yuca is also known as cassava, or manioc.

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