Honest Cooking

We come from a long line of travelers. On Dad's side, Hungary (Abuelo) crossed paths with Ecuador (Abuela). On Mom's, it was Spain (Bisabuelo), with Italy (Bisabuela). My Dad's parents immigrated to New York City, my Mom's immigrated to a small town outside of Cusco, Peru called Zurite. Our father joined the Peace Corps and met our Mother in Zurite. Their story took us around the world, with a career dedicated to foreign service.

Growing up in Chile, Jamaica, Pakistan, Honduras, and Bolivia lends a perspective on humanity that I can appreciate so much, especially these days. Among all of our travels, none had a greater impact than the trips home to Cusco to visit the family. Cusco is an incredibly beautiful place, with a rich legacy that we are so proud to be a part of. Our work is a tribute to this legacy as well as to our family, past, and present.